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A New Beginning, A Unique Idea

So, there we sat. We had an idea for a great show that has never been done before. A fantastic idea, really. We asked ourselves, how do we get this thing on the tube? We're former soldiers, we have a "take no prisoners, failure is not an option, can-do attitude" but we are in a bit of a quandary. How the hell do we get this thing off the ground?

So, there we sat. Four former service members, friends to the end, getting fat on beer, talking about getting back into shape. We were in pretty damn good shape, if you ask me. "Would someone please give me another beer?" We needed adventure, we needed excitement, we needed the laughter, we needed another round.

So, there we sat. The business owner, the rock singer, the drag racer, the engineer. We were professional drivers, motor heads, adventurers who were still battling their demons: cancer, back injuries, neck injuries, knee injuries. We really needed to get off our asses.

The mission has called us. Even though we are removed from the military, it has not been removed from us, so we are now ready to take the challenge at a moment's notice and we are prepared for Rapid Deployment.

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